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Absolute BeginnersSo, by way of an update on brand health measurement… We have gone from quarterly traditional reports to monthly ones, and have challenged our agency to come up with a real-time online solution going forward. Moving to a 100% online poll-type questionnaire is not as simple as it seems when you’re working in a market with very low adult literacy and desperately need a meaningful correlation to the previous years of measurement conducted the traditional way of face-to-face.

We have gone to a slightly smaller sample size but more frequent, and now ensure that up to 70% of campaigns we test are those we execute online. This way at least we get to balance out what’s really driving our brand equity when most of what we do appears in social media and Google.

Surprise surprise, our first monthly measure shows very positive signs across all indicators of awareness, recall, and campaign effectiveness. Now that we are properly measuring online only campaigns the brand  has jumped upwards for youth.

In addition, we have included a few new questions to measure Brand Relevance. It’s a lite version of what one of our favourite brand strategy agencies Prophet uses in the United States (and dare say it will soon become the norm for brand measurement world-wide as relevance becomes the single-minded objective for all major brands).

But being brave enough to move to measuring your online ads this way will demand you to take better care of online content across the board. In other words, be prepare to see a lot of reds in the campaign KPIs as you start the journey of better constructing online content to be as effective as an offline ad on TV. As well as being entertaining enough to be watched, it also needs to deliver on simplicity of message, call to action, uniqueness and brand linkage. No longer can you shoot random stuff and post it. And still posts just down’t cut it anymore. Keeping your brand relevant online takes more work, production spend and tender loving care than offline ever did.

It never sleeps, it’s always on and it’s scrutinised openly and publicly by millions of people every day.

(Will keep you posted when our agency pitches this new online brand measurement tool in the new year…sort of excited!)


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