When a brand concept becomes your corporate strategy

We all know the corporate drill of revenue and market share being the single biggest company purpose. And that the tactics and programmes you implement to achieve those business targets become your strategy – your ‘how to’. Then there is organisational culture that purists overlay into the strategy mix to keep behaviours in check. Plus,Continue reading “When a brand concept becomes your corporate strategy”

Online Brand measurement

So, by way of an update on brand health measurement… We have gone from quarterly traditional reports to monthly ones, and have challenged our agency to come up with a real-time online solution going forward. Moving to a 100% online poll-type questionnaire is not as simple as it seems when you’re working in a marketContinue reading “Online Brand measurement”

Brand performance and bridging the digital divide

When you work in emerging markets for a few years, you lose track of the type of measurements that one is accustomed to in more mature markets. Brand health is one such measure. For years I have used Neilsen/ Millward Brown/ Ipsos methodology that spits out a Brand Equity Index with the quarterly variance ofContinue reading “Brand performance and bridging the digital divide”

Leadership? Mum’s the word

Many years ago my mother told me I should get a cat because it would teach me to look after myself better. So I did. I learned a lot from raising a cute fur ball to become a tenacious, overly confident cat that would pick fights with dogs. Same theory applies to motherhood (of theContinue reading “Leadership? Mum’s the word”

Which cultures produce the best dancers?

We all know the likely matches – Brazilians are best at Samba, Latin Americans do salsa, and the Spanish are masters of Flamenco… But what about Hip Hop? Street dance, break dance, krumpin, jerkin…whatever you want to call it. While the genre may have originated in the Bronx, it is a dance style that hasContinue reading “Which cultures produce the best dancers?”

Teaching your toddler to be a future leader

Every now and then you have a conversation that sticks in your mind. The one I had recently was about we can support our toddlers to become future leaders. The discussion started with how Asian men – while having brilliant ideas – are not usually successful in winning over clients because they have trouble expressingContinue reading “Teaching your toddler to be a future leader”

Why is it so hard to tell your agency they suck?

Ever been in a pitch where you can’t stop giggling? When you really try to imagine implementing their concept but it’s just plain hideously ludicrous. Yes, the pitch was that bad. Here the team was pitching a concept that was just wrong on so many levels. And in the room, was the head of theContinue reading “Why is it so hard to tell your agency they suck?”

When Westerners get Arab CSR wrong

How many times have you heard the hard and fast rules about Corporate Social Responsibility? Do this, don’t do that, measurement is a must and if anything falls out of your nicely structured pen then it cannot be allowed. Out goes the standard apology letter explaining how there is limited budget and all funded exploitsContinue reading “When Westerners get Arab CSR wrong”

Too Messi for Arab world?

It’s interesting isn’t it when big global sponsorship deals are made on little or no brand suitability of association. Messi is case in point, and so is his team FCB. It seems every brand with big enough cashflow for decent bragging rights is in on the action. (Would FCB survive at all without its eclectic yet numerous paidContinue reading “Too Messi for Arab world?”